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What kind of dog food do we recommend feeding?

We recommend feeding PawTree Dog Food. Your puppy or adult dog will thrive on this well balanced all natural food and this food should help maintain a with the healthy coat color and natural shine. PawTree is a one stop shop for all your new puppy needs. They carry a multiple lines of all natural products including raw dog treats, shampoos, ointments, toys, all inclusive puppy kits, etc... Use code INTRO4U to save 20% off your first order.

PawTree Dog Food & Products

Do we recommend giving vitamin supplements to our puppies?

Yes we do recommend giving immune boosting supplement tablets from NuVet. We start the puppies on NuVet Plus tablets and recommend continuing the NuVet Plus tablets once the puppies leave their familiar environment and go to their new homes. This helps give your puppy a good solid immune boost to go with the regular vaccine shots. They also have an excellent joint supplement for added protection from wear and strain on joints for this active breed of dogs.

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Do we microchip our puppies?

Yes we microchip all our puppies for positive ID to go with our written guarantees on Hips, Eyes, and Health.

Do our puppies come with Guarantees on Hips, Eyes and Health?

Yes we send a written guarantee home with all puppies. These guarantees cover the Hips for 26 months against hereditary hip dysplasia, the Eyes for 24 months against hereditary cataracts, and a Health guarantee.

Do we offer shipping?

Yes we offer shipping options at the buyer’s expense. We can ship using Delta Cargo into major USA airports that Delta flies into. We have recommended pet transporting services that are reasonably priced that we can help arrange for pickup and delivery to your residence. The puppies are required to receive a Health Certificate from the vet to travel.

How big will the puppies be when full grown?

It depends a lot on the parents of the litter. Usually we say females will be 55 to 65 lbs and males will be 75 to 85 lbs.

Do we offer training?

We currently don’t offer training but we have a number of excellent pro trainers we highly recommend to train your puppy to help reach its full potential.

Do you offer Hip/Eye/Health guarantees?

We do. Please view our Hip/Eye/Health Guarantees here: